Moon & Planes Photography

We offer the only known workshops anywhere that have been created specifically for the purpose of capturing airplanes crossing the moon.

​These workshops are held twice a month, once during daylight hours and once during the Full Moon.

​Over the last three years, I've developed a system unlike any other that practically guarantees you will go home with an image of a plane crossing the moon, done right in the field with no camera tricks.  Every single image is real, 100% photo captured by you and your equipment.  Many have said our images are photoshopped, but thats simply because they do not know my system.  

We've been featured in the New York Times, Travel & Leisure, L.A. Weekly, Politiken (Denmark) and on CBS This Morning.  Reporters and videographers have come out and seen the work that goes into creating an image of a plane crossing the moon and they go home amazed that even though it's a difficult task to accomplish, we always manage to come out with epic images.

The workshops are held in Whittier, CA., some 30 miles away from the Los Angeles International Airport.  This unique location has all the elements that allow for amazing planes and moon photography.

Participants of all ages from pre-teens to retired adults have attended these workshops and everyone has been able to capture amazing photos after only half an hour of instruction.

My unique system, unlike any other in the world, brings three crucial elements together.  The moon's continual rising path in the sky; the airplanes' movement in the sky, some 6,000 to 7,000 feet in altitude and moving at some 300 miles per hour, and the critical exact spot on the ground where those two paths cross.  Many capture amazing photos of planes crossing the moon or the sun, but it's usually by chance.  My system was created and is uniquely geared to capturing images of planes crossing the moon on purpose.  

I've taken much of the guess work out of the equation, but being that we are dealing with a dynamic situation, it is still difficult to create such images.  But, we usually manage to capture photos that everyone is happy to have created.  The knowledge I provide can be used anywhere there are planes passing by because the moon is guaranteed to rise and set every day of the year (unless it's cloudy and that's another story).

Daylight workshops usually provide a better opportunity to go home with multiple images of planes crossing the moon or passing above, under or next to the moon.  There photos are amazing on their own because even when the plane misses crossing the moon, the resulting image is quiet impressive.

Full Moon & Planes workshops are more nerve-racking because being that it's night time, the planes have to cross the moon exactly within the moon's disc.  Otherwise, the plane will not be visible since the sky is completely dark.  But although it's more difficult to accomplish, the elation that comes at the moment of capturing a plane crossing the full moon with your camera equipment is like none other.  The anticipation as the plane approaches the moon keeps you on pins and needles but when the plane finally crosses the moon and you've captured it, there is no feeling of excitement and accomplishment like it.

​So, why don't you give it a try.  My guarantee has always been that if you are not satisfied with the images you've captured, you can return free of charge to any future workshop.  I want you to have a good time while creating jaw-dropping images that only a few have ever captured. See the price list page for all the details on upcoming workshops. Workshops are always held no matter what type of weather we have. 


​These workshops are held art night in various Southern California locations where light pollution is less than in the city. When setting out for a night of sky photography, you will not only capture individual images of the night sky and the milky way, but you will also at the same time create the foundation for star trails and time lapse video, all at the same time. At the end of the night, you not only go home with amazing individual photos, but you also go home with one amazing star trails compilation and the images needed for a time lapse video of the night sky.

​Check to the sample photos in the price list page and sign up today.  Workshops are always being added so if you don't find one that fits your schedule, there will always be some added for future dates.

Thank you for your support and lets get out there and create some amazing work.

Quality Comes First


We're professional photographers with decades of experience ready to teach you what we've learned over the years.. Experienced in many types of photography, we're known for our teaching techniques that get you learning right away.  

Taking a workshop is the best way to learn how to use your camera and lenses.  We teach you from the ground up, or give you refreshers so you stay sharp in your field of photography.

We always scout out locations before taking you into the field so you have a memorable experience.  If you learn the basics of photography, you can apply those basics to any situation that comes at you.  Sign up today and find out how much we have to offer to your personal photographic growth.



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Moon & Planes Photography

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​Please see price list page for all workshops currently available.  More are added often for tour convenience.  When you sign up at least two weeks in advance, you receive a discount on any workshop* that's offered.